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Sometimes creating the life we want feels completely, insurmountably impossible. Sometimes it feels like we need nothing short of magic to land a fulfilling job that pays the bills, find love, or (finally) get over the pain in our past.

“Does everybody else know something I don’t?”
“Am I ever going to get over this? I feel so stuck.”
“How do I find the strength and resilience to make this happen?”
“Is what I want even possible? How?”
“Do I even know what I want? Really want?”

If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions as you drift off to sleep at night, you’re in the right place. I’m all too familiar with sleepless nights and self-doubt. I’ve had my share (or maybe even more than my share) of struggles and heartbreak. My story includes a 15-year-old biological mother, foster care, two divorces, single parenting, creating success, losing it and then rebuilding my life from public assistance, in just three years time.

I worked hard to reclaim my life. Once I figured out how to get completely unstuck, I did it with intention and I did it quickly. Today I own my business, enjoy a fun, flexible lifestyle, and nurture meaningful relationships. I have time to travel or just soak up the sun in my beautiful backyard garden with my three gorgeous children and my amazing boyfriend.

If you’re wondering how I bridged the gap between struggling and thriving the answer is, well, magic.

But I’m not talking about crystals and by-the-light-of-the-moon magic. I’m talking about…

Mastering your emotions
Actualizing your authentic life
Gracing your life with happiness
Illuminating Strategies for Success
Creating, and truly living, your vision of your ideal life

Less incantation, more intention. Less casting spells, more taking control of your life and happiness.

Whatever you’re struggling with, it’s really, truly possible to let it go and build the life you want. Beginning right where you are, right now.

If you can dream it, it is possible. Promise.

If you’re ready to infuse more magic into your life, I’d love to help!

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“I met Sherry on a beach in Hawaii while she was writing her book. She has an exceptional way of connecting with people and after a short but extremely inspirational and eye opening conversation with her, I was compelled to learn more by attending some of her teleseminars! She has such great insight into finding true joy in life and provides you with really amazing and simple tools that can help people really find their power, who they really are and how to create more joy and less stress in life from the inside out. I find her work refreshing, inspiring and transformational and my time spent in her teleseminars has helped me see myself more clearly and allow myself to express and become who I really am. Sherry has given me powerful tips and resources have helped me recreate aspects of my life to reflect more of who I really am. Because of applying what I have learned from Sherry my life is fuller, happier and more in balance with my joy. Thank you, Sherry!”
Cindy Hann, RN
“Sherry’s system is dynamic and thought-provoking. My experience and personal results just keep getting better and better with each session. Sherry is an incredible speaker and facilitator with an inspiring message that gently guides me to make simple but powerful changes my life. Thanks, Sherry!”
Diane, Home Birthing Nurse/Midwife
“Participating in a workshop with Sherry is MAGICAL! From the minute she shines her infectious smile, you know this time together is going to be something special, and that energy is going to be moving in the room! This woman is a powerhouse of insightful information, a delight to learn from and a pro at captivating a room. She engages with her participants throughout the event with exercises that really bring the material she is sharing to life. She fosters endless breakthroughs and ah ha’s that can change your life! If you haven’t worked with Sherry, you are missing out!”
Tonya, Psychologist, Cancer Survivor & Life Coach
“Sherry Rogers workshops and coaching have been TRANSFORMATIONAL. Her passion, knowledge, and joy for helping others is infused in everything she does. She is a joy to work with and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She will hold you accountable and work you through the hard stuff. She knows how to gently stir your heart & soul. I always leave her presence more confident and inspired to take action towards my dreams. Because of her system, I am creating positive changes in my life– so quickly! Thank you Sherry for showing me how possible creating what I want really is!”
Jessica Ramirez Perez, Property Manager, Mom & Wife
“Sherry is innovative in her approach to dealing with life’s challenges. She is attuned to your situation and helps you see things from different perspectives, quickly! I love the in-depth research she encourages you to do into your own emotions as it helps you in how you should respond in future accounts. The Magic Does Happen 2015 Workshop was enlightening as well helpful for facilitating my big picture planning for 2015. It really put things in perspective for me.”
Louise Mejia
This morning, as I say my gratitude prayers, I am feeling the need to reach out to ya and express my wholehearted gratitude to you too! If I look back at the year gone by since I met you, I am in awe of the changes that you have guided me to make. I am reading my workbook and shaking my head–things are all coming forth that I wrote down. I consider you one of my angels that were sent to rescue me from the path I was headed upon which just didn’t jive with my personal truth. You have taught me more in one year that I have learned in a decade. I suppose when you are ready to learn, the teacher arrives in your life.
Can’t say this enough–Thank you for being my light and I hope to be of service to you one day.
Sapna, Sage Recovery & Wellness Center, Austin TX